Hard work pays off for university graduates

Students from the University of South Australia Mount Gambier campus graduated on Friday, a momentous occasion which celebrated a milestone achievement.

The graduation ceremony was held at Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre and was followed by post-graduation celebrations at Jens Hotel.

Nursing, social work, education, business and music graduates celebrated with family, friends and fellow graduates and will now venture on to the next stage in their life after years of hard work.

UniSA Regional Manager Ian McKay said there were close to 70 local graduates from 2021 and around 55 of these crossed the stage to receive their certificates.

The ceremony saw the final cohort of Bachelor of Music students from the James Morrison Academy graduate, with three of these students in attendance.

Mr McKay said the graduation was a tremendous day and said as a campus they were very proud that most, if not all, of the graduates had found employment.

“We’re very proud that our graduates are employed so readily and most of them within our local region,” he said.

“Our graduating students were really excited and they thoroughly enjoyed the day.

“I’d certainly like to congratulate our graduates who graduated on Friday, as a campus we’re very proud of their achievements.

“They have studied hard for three, four, five years or more in some cases and it was wonderful to share their special day with them.”

UniSA Chancellor Pauline Carr wished the graduates a world of opportunity and good fortune.

“Graduates, you have shared one of the most significant periods of your life here with your colleagues at the University of South Australia,” she said.

“When you leave here today, most of you will look to begin new careers, but I know a number of you will take some steps up the ladder in the careers that you already have.

“Be sure to celebrate your achievements, because they have been impressive.

“Graduates, you have the qualifications, and coupled with the passion to do something positive, you can make real change in the world.”

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