Health support directory updated

Members of the Millicent and Surrounds Health Support Group (MASH) have devoted a great deal of energy to updating a Directory of Health and Medical Services which are now available in Millicent and surrounds.

Around 1500 of these brochures have been printed and will be distributed in the near future through various outlets. The pamphlets will also be available in Robe and at the Medical Clinic Millicent, Millicent and District Hospital, Community Health, Millicent Public Library and the Millicent Visitor Information Centre. The Millicent Health Advisory Council has provided funding for the printing which was arranged by commercial printer Caroline Hammat of Print Lord.

A MASH Group spokesperson said residents were urged to read and keep the brochure which is now in its fourth edition. The MASH Support Group was formed in 2016 following a public forum and community meeting in Millicent to discuss a variety of local health issues.

A number of speakers outlined the current situation at the Medical Clinic Millicent, the Millicent Hospital and other health services. A vision statement and charter have been written, a constitution developed and adopted and the group is an incorporated body. In order to acquire an understanding of the local health system, a number of guest speakers have attended the MASH Support Group meetings.

Its main activity so far in 2021 has been staging the successful Welcome to Millicent Expo in April. It also lobbied Wattle Range Council to retain the Millicent Saleyards on mental health grounds.

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