Historic Penola building to be sold

A building with a history as lengthy as its town of Penola has made its way to the local real estate market. The Cobb & Co Booking Office was built in the mid 1800s, but after more than 100 years and a few different identities the building is in search of a new owner.

Its previous owners Vic and Maura Musolino, who purchased the Cobb & Co building in 2012 and converted it into a food hub, are determined to find buyers who recognise the building’s potential. Located near two other Penola attractions – restaurant Pipers of Penola and the Mary MacKillop Penola Centre – Cobb & Co is based in a prime location on Riddoch Street.

“Cobb & Co is ready to foster a new business venture that reflects rural values, rural space and a commitment to growing Penola as a cultural place,” Mr Musolino told TDC Livestock & Property. “It’s a unique space that could attract travellers and visitors alike, seeking that exceptional hospitality experience.”

While in the hands of the Musolinos, Cobb & Co was used as a manufacturing site for Outback Pride, an Australian native food business with jams, chutneys and spices made at the Penola building. Food tastings, cooking demonstrations and showcases as part of the Penola Arts Festival were also run at the Cobb & Co building, which is equipped as a commercial food manufacturing site.

The building has hosted well-known chef Simon Bryant, who headlined the opening of the Outback Pride bushfood interpretative and manufacturing centre as part of the Penola Arts Festival. A later add-on to the Cobb & Co Booking Office, the Tregenza Gallery was built in the 1920s and is also for sale as part of the purchase of the historic site.

The building is offered for sale by registrations of interest and opened for sale on Monday. Offers close on August 23.

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