Hobitz and Vicis eye the high ground

After a great opening Anzac round, players have had the week to recover and look at their next opponents in 2021 Mount Gambier Netball Association season. Round 2 begins with the Set and Go players on Friday night and they hope to strive ahead with their development to one day become stars.

The action on Saturday will again be full of challenges and laughter along the way. A Grade sees Hobitz and Vicis come up against each other. Both teams came off a good win last week, but this week’s contest might be a challenge for the ladies in Green.

Amazons has a challenge up against and determined Intruders side, with both teams looking for their first win. Zodiacs and Saints round out the A Grade, with the latter looking to have the upper hand, but do not count out Zodiacs as they will have a point to prove.

A2 games will be great to watch with Zodiacs up against a strong Hobitz side. Saints will be looking for their second win up against a committed Intruders line up. The B1 game between Hobitz Blue and Intruders Orange will be the game of the round here with both teams having a great game and looking to cement a strong start to the season.

Our B2 teams will again be looking for another win with the match between Hobitz and Intruders giving us all a look at the Intruders line up after a bye last week. In the 17 and Under competition, the in-house battle between Hobitz Blue and Hobitz Red will be the first for their bragging rights, whilst Saints and Intruders will play off for their opening win.

Another in house play off between Zodiacs Gold and Zodiacs Blue will be close with both teams striving for the early upper hand. Three great games ahead for this grade with each team showing promise and huge potential.

A mixture of results last week will see teams this week focus on increasing their teamwork around the court. Vicis and Amazons will play off this week to claim their first win of the season, while strong games last week from Hobitz and Zodiacs will see one take a two-game winning streak.

The 13 and Under B players all showed a huge amount of enthusiasm and skill and three fantastic games to watch.

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