Holiday-makers shake off COVID concerns

Millicent has much to offer according to an Adelaide family who are currently holidaying at the Hillview Caravan Park.

Craig Civitarese, his wife Brooke and their children Luca and Ebony have sung the praises of such popular local attractions as Lake McIntyre, The Domain, swimming lake and the skate park.

While Mr Civitarese has been busy erecting a new playground at Millicent High School, the other household members have ventured further afield and viewed the towering wind turbines along the Woakwine Range.

His two youngsters have enjoyed exploring the scrub attached to the park while his wife has made good use of the kitchen in the self-contained cabin.

“I love cooking organic food,” she said.

“The park has a great lay-out, there are the murals painted on the cabin walls by original park owner Wally Hunt and you have the wonderful views of the Mount Burr Range.

“I enjoy sitting outside at dawn with a cup of coffee and listening to the birds.”

The family is among the thousands who have been welcomed to Hillview over the past 26 years by owners Allan and Gloria Withers.

According to Mr Withers, the COVID pandemic has had an impact on his park.

“We have had a lot of people who have been uncertain about their travel plans and cancelled,” Mr Withers said.

“However, their bookings have been taken up by others.

“Overall, we have been reasonably busy and our patronage levels are slightly higher than an average year.

“All of our cabins were booked between Christmas and New Year.

“As the holidaymakers move out, the roadworks crews are starting to arrive.”

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