Hot Friday night action goes down to the wire at Icehouse

The OneFortyOne Mount Gambier Pioneers lifted the roof off the Icehouse with a thrilling three-point buzzer beater in overtime in a finish for the ages against Geelong.

After the sides drew 72-72, the blockbuster top of the table NBL1 South contest went into overtime and the hosts found themselves four points down with a minute to go.

But consecutive shots from Cassandra Brown and Jasmin Howe brought the scores level.

A last-gasp drive down the court from Sherrie Calleia was stopped by the Supercats defence, but she found Shakera Reilly wide open deep and all eyes turned to her as she aimed for glory.

However, Reilly remained cool in a pressure cooker environment and sunk the three pointer to seal an unforgettable roof lifting win.

Emotions were high after the game winning shot as teammates and coaching staff ran straight to the star of the night in scenes of jubilation on the court and in the stands.

The Pioneers started hot when Howe shot a two pointer before she was joined by Brown, Hannah Young and Calleia to march to an early 14-1 lead.

Action tightened a little in the second with Geelong making some shots from Aimie Rocci and Antoniette Emma -Nnopu.

Howe and Calleia responded to maintain Mount Gambier’s advantage, but Geelong’s Jessica Scannell also started to become a presence in the basket for basket play.

The Supercats made many attempts to gain the lead but the OneFortyOne Pioneers rallied late in the quarter to maintain a five-point advantage thanks to the trio of Howe, Calleia and Brown.

Going into the third Geelong started to find the basket more through Taylah Simmons, Rocci and Jessica Slade and managed to steal the lead.

But it was Calleia, Brown and Reilly that stopped the run of the Supercats in the third and both sides were tied at the last break.

Fourth quarter action was neck and neck when Sara Blicavs and Rocci found the groove for the visitors and took a two-point lead.

Howe, Brown and Calleia dug deep for Mount Gambier along with Geelong’s Scannell and Blicavs to keep the result in dispute.

A shooting spree from Brown put the Pioneers in the box seat with a minute left, but a Scannell three silenced the home crowd and tied the scores.

After a crazy final minute with rebounds and missed shots, the players had to regroup as they went into overtime.

Overtime was made up of five minutes of play and the Supercats hit the scoreboard first through Scannell while Reilly made an attempt to get back the lead with a three-jump shot but it was to no avail.

Blicavs extend the gap to six points with a free throw late in the game, but Calleia made a three-jump shot to half the gap for the home side.

After Brown and Howe made further inroads and Simmonds missed a two point to give the play back to the Pioneers, the stage was set for Reilly to win the game.

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