Hot hands shake up disc golf rankings

The Mount Gambier Disc Golf January League Day is fast approaching this Sunday, January 16 at the Crater Lakes Course.

Mount Gambier Disc Golf Vice President Ryan Nicholson said the competition this season had been tight and they had some new players climb the ranks.

“The competition’s been really tight, we have been seeing new faces at the top of the leader board,” he said.

Currently, Justin Clarke is leading the Men’s Division, Kate Eldridge is the leader of the Women’s Division and Austin Holman is leading the way in the Junior’s Division.

Players must pre-register by 4.30pm this Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday morning, registration will be open from 8.30am until 8.45am and the tee-off will kick off at around 9am.

Nicholson said the Disc Golf scene in Australia is exploding in numbers and said they hold monthly Random Format Days, which are casual events to encourage new players to dip their toe in the Disc Golf waters before entering the official competitions.

“We have been seeing some new faces coming out and getting involved, so we’re really hopeful to see more new players taking the jump up into our league events.” He said.

Nicholson also said Mount Gambier Disc Golf will host the South Australian Major Tournament ‘The Eruption’ in late October for the 2022 Australian Disc Golf National Tour.

Nicholson said although COVID had impacted the number of people who could travel and participate in events at times, he hoped they would see some huge numbers at these large events.

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