Housing proposal for Millicent

A new housing sub-division near the centre of Millicent has been proposed.

The vacant area in question measures two hectares and lies to the west of Williams Road and between the post-war “north” and “south” Housing Trust sub-divisions.

The proposal was brought into the public domain by landowner Bernard Kierns last week when Wattle Range Council held its September monthly meeting in Millicent.

Mr Kierns said local real estate agents had told him of the demand for housing blocks.

The principal reason for Mr Kierns addressing the meeting was to object to a bid by Teagle Contracting Pty Ltd to buy an unmade portion of Lock Street from the council to provide another access to its earthmoving business.

“If this purchase is to go ahead, I would effectively be cut off from all access to the north-east side,” Mr Kierns said.

“I intend to subdivide this block in the near future and local real estate companies will tell you blocks are becoming a scarcity.

“Teagle’s already have access to Williams Road, a road owned by the State Government thus relieving council of the burden of maintaining it.”

The application by Teagle Contracting was met with 10 formal objections with some responders sitting in the public gallery.

The sale was not recommended by council staff and this stance was unanimously backed by the council in a formal motion.

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