Independence brings MacKillop’s needs into sharp focus

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Lechelle Earl, owner/editor

Independence brings MacKillop’s needs into sharp focus


This week marks 12 months since I announced my decision to leave the Liberal party and continue my political journey advocating for the people of MacKillop as an Independent.

As you know, this was an extremely difficult decision to make – but one which was made with the interests of my vast electorate at the core.

My primary aim is and has always been – to achieve better outcomes for the people who live and work in MacKillop.

Twelve months on, I feel I am achieving more as your Independent MP.

I have continued to traverse the region – from Tailem Bend to Pinnaroo – down to Kalangadoo, across to Robe and everywhere in between – listening and learning from you.

I have used this information to have robust discussions with Government, hold them to account for their decisions, and advocate for what’s best for the Limestone Coast.

I have helped secure 27 mobile phone towers for the region and will continue to work to ensure these are delivered.

I advocated for a new purpose-built police station in Naracoorte, an announcement that was made in the last budget allocating $18m to the project over the next four years.

I am pleased to have received funds for Lake Hawdon for the environmental outcomes and purposes and have raised concerns around the drainage network and any interference that may impact on agricultural pursuits surrounding Lake Hawdon.

I have helped achieve more housing for Bordertown – and am confident that Government assistance will be expanded to include other key townships.

I have shone a light on the impacts a shortage of GP’s has on communities.

I am fighting for the re-instatement of Community nursing services and am taking a proactive role in the review into the future of the Naracoorte Hospital.

I continue to advocate for our regional roads to be fixed and maintained so they can cope with the increased traffic.

I am acutely aware of the lack of access to further education and skills training and the impact this has on growth.

I am advocating for more childcare services, infrastructure upgrades and funding for coastal erosion.

I am pushing for more funding for our drainage networks, more investment in tourism, more assistance for cost-of-living pressures.

The list may be long, and the challenges real, but I am focussed on delivering results for the electorate and the 38,000 people who live here.

Perhaps I have always been an Independent at heart – while still having Liberal values.

I want to foster respectful relationships with whoever is in Government – Liberal or Labor.

I am not one to change my view based on who is in power.

It is a frustration of mine that parties have a default position to attack and disagree with the other side – often losing sight of the bigger picture – which is doing what’s best for the community.

Make no mistake, at times it has not been easy.

I no longer have a party behind me – but can honestly say how refreshing it has been to have one focus only – and that is – what MacKillop needs.

There has been a lack of investment, and a lack of understanding from the city of how important this region is to the economic success of the entire state.

As an MP who has spent most of my life living and working in MacKillop – I believe I am best placed to continue representing you in Parliament.

I am committed to the region, I am invested in the region and I am Always Here for MacKillop.

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