Independent Millicent stores commended

The operators of Millicent’s two independent supermarkets Fosters Foodland and IGA have been commended by the new Labor State Government.

Furthermore, Industrial Relations Minister Kyam Maher has signalled there will be no legislative changes to shop trading hours which ensures that Millicent has a unique regulated status.

Mr Maher was responding to queries in the Legislative Council raised by Opposition Leader Nicola Centofanti.

“If the minister feels so strongly about the deregulation of shop trading hours, is the minister going to legislate for a reversal of deregulation of shop trading hours in country South Australia?” Ms Centofanti asked.

“Outside the Greater Adelaide metropolitan area there is deregulated shop trading hours, except in areas that choose to retain them, like Millicent,” Minister Maher said in reply.

“Unlike other towns around, Millicent has seen their local independent supermarkets thrive.

“They have not been taken over by the big multinationals.

“And what do we see in many of the areas in country towns that have the ability to open as long as they want?

“Most businesses do not choose to open 24 hours a day or even all weekend.

“We think we have got the (shopping hours) balance right.

“This Legislative Council got the balance right in voting down the Liberals’ [deregulation] proposals last time.

“The South Australian public rewarded those who got the balance right at the last state election.”

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