Indoor bowls title on the line

Mount Gambier District Indoor Bowls Association held its fourth Association championship.

This championship was the Faith Jewellers / David & Jane Peacock Mixed Pairs.

With great team numbers of 26 entries competing for the 2021 Mixed Pairs title.

The father and daughter pair from Wandilo Tony Bowditch as the skipper and Nicola Bowditch as the lead, met the inform combination of Rod Fleming, skippering and Mary Lockwood leading, from the Commercial Club in the first semi-final, with Tony and Nicola’s team winning 8 shots to 1.

In the second semi-final the Post-Tel and Wandilo combination of Fiona Pearson, skippering and Simon Attiwill leading defeated the Kongorong pair of Heather Glynn and Andy Cornolo 5 shots to 4.

Pearson and Bowditch met in the final, both teams playing exceptionally well and both deserved to make the final.

In the final the Pearson’s team started exceptionally well scoring two shots on the first end but Bowditch’s team then scored a four and a two in successive ends which gave them the lead, leaving Fiona and Simon having to score six shot to win on the last end, but they only could make two, giving Tony and Nicola victory to take out the 2021 Faith Jewellers / David & Jane Peacock Mixed Pairs Championship 10 shots to 7.

The consolation semi-finals were contested between Ken Stephens and Lyn Evans from Yahl who defeated Gary Walters and Nola Spencer from Moorak 5 shots to 3 and the second semi final saw the Commercial Club team of John and Doreen Oakley defeat Simon Davis and Fiona Rochow from Glenburnie 8 shots to 4.

The husband and wife team of John and Doreen prevailed to beat Ken and Lyn in the final of the consolation to win 11 shots to 2.

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