KCA puts local faces to paper manufacturing

Some of the 400-strong workforce at the Kimberly-Clark Australia Millicent Mill have become instant celebrities owing to a new television commercial. Lasting 30 seconds, it extols the virtues of the Kleenex tissue products which are made from imported pulp at the 61-year-old plant.

The high-end commercial uses slow motion techniques and a deep male voice-over as the manufacturing and distribution processes are shown. Among the shop floor employees to feature are warehouse controller Ted Peacock and tissue technician Daniel Jazepyck.

Both are already well-known in the local community with Mr Peacock being president of the Glencoe Football Club while Mr Jazepyck is the captain of the Tantanoola Country Fire Service Brigade. A KCA spokesperson explained the rationale behind the commercial.

“For Kleenex we know that when you put care in, you get care out,” the spokesperson said. “We wanted to show fellow Australians the care and passion that goes in to making these everyday essentials. “The best way to do this, was by profiling the people at our Millicent Mill, working to produce these products every day.”

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