Kimberly-Clark supports Hydrogen Hub initiative

Backing for a reported $70m Green Hydrogen Hub has come from Kimberly-Clark Millicent Mill Manager Adam Carpenter.

“We are excited to join PhosEnergy as a founding member of the consortium assessing the potential of a Green Hydrogen Hub in South Australia,” Mr Carpenter told The SE Voice.

“A Green Hydrogen Hub is a fantastic opportunity for the Limestone Coast, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from other gas and fuel energy streams.

“Kimberly-Clark Australia has ambitious goals to reduce our carbon emissions in this decade, targeting carbon neutrality by 2030 and we see Green Hydrogen as a significant enabler to achieve this goal.”

According to media reports, the Green Hydrogen Hub could be operational by 2025 and supply up to 10% of the energy needs of the Millicent Mill.

Founded in 1960, its energy requirements have been met by various sources over the years including mains power, natural gas and even coal briquettes.

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