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The Limestone Coast was on show on Saturday when a group of 50 social media influencers arrived on a ‘mystery flight’ by the South Australian Tourism Commission.

It comes off the back of a noticeable increase in promotion of the Limestone Coast, with the prior announcement of a regional spectacle as part of Illuminate Adelaide in Mount Gambier and, in recent months, with billboards across Australia showing Limestone Coast attractions.

The next phase in the region’s promotion appears to be amplifying its presence on social media. Among those to make their way to the region was South Aussie with Cosi’s Andrew Costello.

“The South East has so much to offer,” Mr Costello said. “It’s an amazing place and it’s a wonderful spot … I think today’s been important because everyone here has been posting and promoting, trying to get more people down here from Adelaide.”

Mr Costello said tourism would stimulate the region’s economy. But aside from promoting what the region currently offers, Mr Costello cast his eye over future experiences for the region. When asked what tourism opportunities our region could capitalise on, Mr Costello said Mount Gambier and the South East “has so much to offer”.

“If I had to think of an area to develop, I think it’s the pine forests – there has to be something you could do with fairy lights and a café inside a pine forest,” he said. “I think the pine forests are so mystical and so amazing. “It’s so unique to this South East area … something like that would be so cool.”

Mr Costello said the group spent their day at Kilsby Sinkhole, trying some of the best produce the region has to offer and diving at the world-renowned sinkhole.

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