Likely trade changes discussed at forum

Afree public panel discussion will be held at the UniSA Mount Gambier Campus tonight.

The event will debate the likely future for regions such as the South East regarding the major changes China has made to trade relations with Australia. It will also discuss strategies for managing fallout.

The discussion will be facilitated by Professor Lin Crase from UniSA Business and panellists include South Australian Forest Products Association chief executive Nathan Paine, South Eastern Professional Fishermen’s Association Chair Helen Strickland and UniSA Business, DFAT Representative Professor Ying Zhu.

“We’re really grateful the local industries have been keen to come along and explain where they’re up to,” Mr Crase said. Mr Crase said over the past 12 to 18 months, Australia’s relationship with China has deteriorated significantly, which resulted in major Australian industries facing difficulties exporting their produce, including wine, lobster and forestry products.

This also includes the COVID pandemic halting travel of international students and the possibility this market may face increasing difficulties. “What we’re keen to explore is how is that playing out in different communities,” Mr Crase said.

“Our ambition is not to make a bigger problem of it, but rather to give a sense of how different communities are being impacted and how they’re responding to that. “It’s an important opportunity for us to think more generally about what it means if the world becomes more inward-looking.

“Hopefully people will come away with a better understanding of how important some of these relationships are. “I think it’s really important that we do not lose sight of the fact the reason we are the lucky country is not just because of our resource endowment, but also because of the way that we successfully engage with the rest of the world.”

Pre-event drinks begin at 6pm and the panel discussion starts at 6.30pm, followed by tea and coffee. Visit or contact the UniSA Mount Gambier Campus to register interest.

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