Limestone Coast residents struggle to keep a roof over their heads

Tent sales at local camping store Aussie Disposals have drastically increased as more people in the region face homelessness due to the rising cost of living.

Aussie Disposals manager Tanya Knight said she was concerned what will happen when the warehouse runs out of tents for the store to stock.

“We are currently out of stock of the Burke tent in store which is traditionally the most common tent people buy to live in because a lot of them are single,” she said.

“There is no quick fix and I understand that but the whole situation is heartbreaking.

“The last six months have been atrocious in terms of the amount of people buying tents because they have nowhere else to go.

“I want to change people’s perception of homelessness because there are families and working people who are struggling.”

Ms Knight said she was encouraging the community to band together and help those in need.

“It is just individuals who stand up and help out, and we can all be one of those people,” she said.

“If you see somebody that is down on their luck, just treat them with kindness and respect because once they are in that spiral it is hard to get back up.

“If you can, donate to local charities like ac. care, the Sunset Community kitchen and the Salvation Army.

“As Australians we have always fought for the battlers because that is the Aussie way, and we need to continue to do that.”

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