Locks lost for charity

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Makenzie Robb has braved the big chop in a bid too raise funds for Kids With Cancer Foundation Australia and more than tripling her original goal of $800 to tally more than $2400 for the cause.

The Kids With Cancer Foundation Australia is a national organisation using funds to assist doctors, nurses, researchers, families, support groups and hospitals involved in caring for kids with cancer.

Their vision is to help every child with cancer in Australia to achieve the best possible outcome and ensure access to all the medical and family support they need.

Since 1998, the foundation has funded research into better ways to treat children with cancer.

Ms Robb has been growing her hair for years to be able to be able to support the foundation and donate over 35cm of hair which will be sent to New South Wales and custom-made into a wig.

Donators took turns cutting plaits off Ms Robb’s hair at the Blue Lake Bar & Bistro before hairdresser Monique Buckingham from Evolve Hair & Beauty cleaned up the cut.

Mrs Buckingham said she loved being part of this type of initiative and would never turn down an opportunity to take part.

Family and friends had dinner before the event with $5 from every meal donated to the cause.

Ms Robb said it was rewarding to be able to donate to children that did not have hair due to illness.

“I work with kids as a dance teacher at Hype, so this cause means a lot to me,” she said.

“I will not be donating my hair for quite a long time but once it grows back in say 10 year’s time I would be happy to.

“I want to thank Spiderman SE for their generous donation, everyone who donated, Monique Buckingham and the Blue Lake Bar & Bistro.”

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