Man jailed for murders

A confessed murderer will serve at least 34 years in prison after a drunken shooting rampage at his Mount McIntyre farming property last August.

Pawel Klosowski murdered his 19-year-old son Lukasz and his son’s girlfriend Chelsea Ireland, also 19. Sitting in the Supreme Court in Adelaide last week, Justice Anne Bampton sentenced the 46-year-old offender to a life sentence with a non-parole period of 34 years.

The judge discounted his minimum amount of time in prison by 15% owing to his early guilty plea. In her sentencing remarks, Justice Bampton detailed the circumstances leading up to the double homicide.

“I cannot do justice to the raw emotion of the victim impact statements,” Justice Hampton said. “It is clear that Lukasz and Chelsea’s legacy is they made the world a better place for their families and those whose lives they touched. “It is to be hoped the love and joy for life they had … will give their families and friends the strength they need to find solace and peace.”

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