Memorial wall to honour military veterans

The new Glencoe Memorial Wall has been completed and is ready to accept memorial plaques. The lion’s share of the $60,000 cost has come from Wattle Range Council with significant contributions from the Glencoe Progress Association and such individuals as local ward councillor Dale Price.

The wall is near the existing stone war memorial alongside the community-owned Glencoe Public Hall It will be used as a place for locals to place a memorial at the passing of their loved ones without the actual interment of any ashes.

Plaque order forms for the Glencoe memorial wall are now available from the council and they cost $126.50 each. The Glencoe East and Glencoe West settlements were established in the first decade of the twentieth century but there is no cemetery in the area.

The Anglican, Catholic, Methodist and Presbyterian denominations erected churches at Glencoe but none had adjoining cemeteries. The nearest operational cemetery is understood to be at Tantanoola.

A council spokesperson said the existing war memorial commemorates the residents of Glencoe who were killed or went missing in World War I and World War II. “The new memorial wall provides an opportunity for Glencoe residents and descendants to commemorate the widows and young children who had to make do on their own, as well as newer settlers whose descendant’s past and present, make up the local community,” the spokesperson said.

“The addition of this memorial wall will provide a focus for residents and visitors that will properly recognise Glencoe’s place in the history of the Limestone Coast, provide an enhanced setting for the annual Anzac Day ceremonies and provide a focal place for residents to pay tribute to their loved ones.”

The Anzac Day dawn service has been arranged by the Glencoe Progress Association for more than 20 years following the closure of the Glencoe RSL.

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