Mid-year park reopening goal

No date has yet been set for the reopening of the Southend caravan park and bush camping site. In recent weeks both sites have seen contractors and Wattle Range Council staff working in readiness for the next stage of the re-instatement.

Wattle Range Council chief executive Ben Gower said it was pleasing to see work progressing. “Like everyone else, we’re certainly looking forward to the time when the gates are open and the campers and caravanners are enjoying the spectacular Southend coastal environment,” Mr Gower said.

“With the delivery last week of the brand-new modern amenities block at the caravan park, contractors can now get back on-site and start the next stage of the re-instatement.

“Work will now start on connecting the new amenities block to services, as well as the construction of some decking, access ramps and stairs to the amenities. “Resurfacing of the internal roadway and landscaping is also to be undertaken, whilst the bush camping site continues to benefit from further work, including vegetation management.

“As a result of the activities that still need to be undertaken, we’re not in a position to nominate a specific date, but we are working towards having the gates open mid-year.”

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