rail lands 
up for grabs

Another portion of the former Millicent rail lands near the George Street roundabout are under offer according to a local real estate agent.

The two small parcels of land were put on the open market in early-2019 after being in the ownership of the state and colonial governments since the 1870s.

The land includes 50 metres of broad-gauge rail track as well as a portion of Apex Park.

The area has been earmarked for a new service station after a Mount Gambier fuel company lodged a development application with Wattle Range Council in November.

Last month, other parcels of former Millicent rail lands measuring over 11 acres also went under offer.

For much of the past 30 years, there have been talks between the State Government and local government officials about the future of the vacant Millicent rail lands and its potential for housing or other development.

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