Millicent breaks drought

All teams have tasted success in the 2021 Steeline Limestone Coast  Football Association Senior women’s season after Millicent United  broke through the glass ceiling on Sunday.

After character building defeats to Apollo, Centrals and Blue Lake in the opening three rounds of the season, the girls in teal got the monkey off their backs against Naracoorte.

 A winner was hard to distinguish during the opening stages  of the clash with the ball moving back and forth around the pitch.

But each player stepped up in the second half for the home  side the pave the way to a well-deserved win.

 It took 10 minutes for Millicent to strike off the boot of Darcey  Allen which opened the flood-gates.

Letitia Izzo found the back of the net shortly after before Allen doubled her tally and suddenly Naracoorte was out of the contest and the hosts were full of joy.

Millicent Senior women’s coach Steve Garlli said the team had to overcome a slow-moving first half to gain the ascendancy, but once they did it was a different story.

“The first half was a bit scrappy and we were just equal teams,” he said.

“Naracoorte had the speed, but we had the skills to tackle the ball often, but nothing happened until half time.

“I had a chat with them and made some changes which built the confidence into the players and Darcey and Letitia drove the ball forward.

“Once Darcey scored the first goal the spirits and morale of the girls lifted, so our passes were better and we performed the way we should have.” The maiden win has been a long time coming for Millicent United which displayed plenty of promise falling one goal short in encouraging performances against Apollo and Centrals.

But the side came into round 4 empty handed and Garlli admitted it has taken time for the squad to grow as one after some sweeping  changes across summer.

“It took a while to gel because this is my first time coaching a women’s side as well, so I did not know what I was in for and the girls were a bit hesitant as well,” he said.

“But I think the more games we play, the relationship between myself and the players will start to build.

“The captain (Lauren Potter) addressed a couple of issues which made a difference and helped us to get the ball out in the open and make things happen.

“When we start to play teams for the second time, I think we will be a lot stronger because we have a lot of new players who will  keep at it and become competitive.”  Although the LCFA season has  a bye this weekend, Garlli confirmed his team would not take a  break from the pitch.

Following the high of securing a maiden win, he is keen for the side to carry the momentum into the round 5 clash with Inter.

“We wont stop and will keep training because we still have a long way to go,” he said.

 “If we can be bit more competitive on the field our results will  continue to improve after a tough start to the season.

“It was a bit hard getting the players to each other’s strengths  and weaknesses, but as we progress things will get better.”  Only one other Senior women’s  game was played after Apollo forfeited to ladder leader Blue Lake  United.

Inter and Centrals faced off at  Casadio Park on Sunday afternoon and a tight battle kept fans  on their toes.

After Stephanie Gilbert and  Erin Horsnell scored for Inter and the Lions respectively in the first half, it was game on.

The unusual sight of Tess Andrews wearing the black and blue stripes gave the home side a big boost driving forward, but the likes of Emma O’Callaghan and Leonie Robertson held firm the visitors’ defensive third.

However, an accurate corner  kick from Andrews created a tantalising chance for Inter to hit the  lead and Fiona Badenoch’s left boot was perfectly placed to find the back of the net.

Despite conceding the high ground Gambier Central remained a threat to level the scores with a number of forward presses.

However, Laura Mirtschin’s strike from the top of the box put the full stop on the contest to hand a jubilant Inter outfit a 3-1 win.

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