Millicent Golf Club ‘major plan’ updated

Sports Minster Katrine Hildyard met with members of the committee of the Millicent Golf Club at their Mount Burr course on Thursday and was updated on their major infrastructure plans.

Minister Hildyard was in the region last week as part of the Country Cabinet visit and called at a number of other sporting clubs.

The minister thanked the people who joined the Country Cabinet at the community forum in Mount Gambier and those who took the time to meet with her.

“This is a beautiful community and I loved spending time with you all,” Minister Hildyard said.

“The South East has some of our state’s most magnificent golf courses.

“It was an absolute pleasure to visit the Millicent Golf Club to see the facilities and talk about the team’s plans for the future.”

The Millicent Golf Club is actively considering the demolition of its ageing clubrooms dating back to 1961 and building a new structure.

Club officials state the ambitious building project would require the backing of the three tiers of government and the backing of the club.

Meanwhile, the preliminary cost for a new irrigation system for the 18-hole course is about $100,000.

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