Millicent Magic at the Mount Gambier Junior Basketball Tournament 2021.

The tournament was cancelled last year due to the six-day lockdown in November and played last week end – the 13th and 14th of February.

Due to Victoria’s lockdown that was announced on Thursday 11th of February, 9 Victorian teams were unable to participate so the draw was adjusted. The Under 16 and Under 18 boys teams were mostly affected and they combined their draw so they could play more than one game. Teams played at various venues across Mount Gambier: The Icehouse – main stadium, Tenision Woods College, Reidy Park PS, Macdonald Park PS, North Gambier PS and St Martins Lutheran College. (I think, need to check).

Millicent Under 16 Girls Division 1 Runners Up

Coach: Peter Seebohm.

40 to 35. Played Mount Gambier Lakers – won

23 to 34. Played Murray Bridge Bullets – lost

31 to 30. Played Naracoorte Kings – won

42 to 26. Played Keith Crows – won

35 to 26. SEMI FINAL (2 v’s 3) Murray Bridge Bullets – won.

Millicent played with a lot more confidence in each other, Murray Bridge made too many errors.

31 to 32. GRANDFINAL. Played Mount Gambier Lakers – lost.

In the last 6 seconds of the game Millicent were up by 2 (30 to 28). Millicent fouled and they were on 5 team fouls so Mount Gambier went to the line and shot both shots to level score 30 point each at the sound of the final time. They played another 3 minutes on the clock for over time. Scoring was hard, defence for both sides was strong. Mount Gambier held out and won by 1 point 32 to 31.

It was a great game especially for the spectators and the home crowd were loud – it could have been the difference!!!

Poppy Venn was top scorer for the weekend along with Edie Easterby. Annelise Janssen’s rebounding for the weekend was unstoppable.

Millicent Under 18 Women Division 1 Runner Up

Coach: Heidi Clark.

28 to 30. Played Mount Gambier Lakers – lost

49 to 17. Played Murray Bridge Bullets – won

46 to 18. Played Naracoorte Kings – won

Mount Gambier and Millicent ended up 1st and 2nd on the ladder so they went straight into the Division 1 grand final.

Grand Final

20 to 43. Played Mount Gambier  – lost.

Millicent were out to amends for the loss they had previously. Mount G Lakers had a plan and they doubled teamed Millicent’s inside players and we couldn’t make any outside shots. Mount Gambier proved to be too good this time but Millicent will work hard to make amends next time they meet!

Georgia Winter and Lucy Denton were the top scorers for the weekend.

Under 18 Men Division 1 Runners Up

Coach: Darren Fuller.

This draw was affected due to Victorian side not attending so there was only Mount Gambier, Millicent and Murray Bridge. These sides also played the Under 16 Boys.

38 to 38. Played Mount G U18 – draw

61 to 44. Played U16 Millicent – won

45 to 19. Played Murray Bridge U18 – won

50 to 49. Played Mount G U16 – won

Grand Final

40 to 41. Played Mount Gambier – lost

The game was a very tight one with tough defence making it hard to score for both teams. The lead changed many times throughout the game. The Mount won from the free throw line with 6 seconds left on the clock. A 1 point loss!!! A home crowd again very vocal.

Austin Fuller was the top scorer for the weekend.

Under 16 Boys Division 1 Runners Up

Coach: Damian Venn.

This draw was affected due to Victorian side not attending so there was only Mount Gambier and Millicent. These teams played in the Under 18 Men and then played off in the Grand Final.

34 to 38. Played Mount G U16 – lost

44 to 61. Played Millicent U18 – lost

34 to 61. Played Mount G U18 – lost

44 to 39. Played Murray Bridge U18 – won

Grand Final

49 to 51. Played Mount Gambier – lost

Millicent started slow and missed many shots to be down at the first quarter. ASt half time the gap was up to 10 Mount Gambier’s way. In the third quarter Millicent’s defensive pressure was great and they hung in there but they were still 10 points down.

A shift in their offence play, saw the likes of Brodie Scott and Jedd Tranter hit the score board several times with some creative passing from Kobe Gibson. Millicent hit the lead with 2 minutes remaining in the last quarter. In the dying seconds of the game the score was tied, Mount Gambier gained possession and the hit the winning shot on the buzzer. A fantastic game but just out of luck!

Jackson Bowden, Jack Haggett and Jedd Tranter top point scorers.

Under 18 Men Division 2 Runners Up

Coach: Dave Hurley.

Only three teams were in this draw, Mount Gambier, Murray Bridge and Millicent Magic.

29 to 32. Played Mount Gambier – lost

25 to 44. Played Keith Crows – lost

48 to 28. Played Murray Bridge – won

23 to 17. SEMIFINAL played Keith Crows – won

Grand Final

22 to 34. Played Mount Gambier – lost

This team held up a good fight for the first three quarters of the game. All tournament they only played with 6 players and it proved too much for them in the last quarter of this game. This team also struggled to shoot at the free throw line and it impacted the final score during this game. Unfortunately, they were unmanned and Mount Gambier were too good.

Aiden Hurley, Jackson Dean and Kieron Rigney were top scorers for the weekend.

Under 14 Boys Division 1 Runners Up

Coach: Jamie Cooper.

31 to 38. Played Mount Gambier – lost

46 to 22. Played Bordertown Bandits – won

44 to 20. Played Naracoorte Kings – won

43 to 29. SEMI FINAL played Naracoorte Kings -won

Grand Final

38 to 41. Played Mount Gambier – lost

At the first break there was only 2 points in the game. In the second quarter, William Wimshurst scored well and kept us in the game and we were only slightly down.

In the third quarter our defence was sloppy and we were down by 10 points at three quarter time. The last quarter saw us expand our defensive pressure and Beau Douglas and Ryder Tilby making some nice shots was within a point with 30 seconds to go. Mount Gambier scored a goal in the final seconds to win by 3 points.

William Wimshurst top scorer for the weekend.

Under 14 Girls Division 1 Winners

Coach: Peter Seebohm.

Finally, a win!

39 to 16. Played Bordertown Bandits – won

29 to 21. Played Mt Gambier Lakers – won

25 to 26. Played Murray Bridge – lost.

35 to 10. SEMI FINAL played Bordertown – won

Grand Final

28 to 19. Played Murray Bridge– won.

The game started with great defensive pressure from both sides making it hard to score. At half time it was only 9 to 6 with Millicent up by 3 points. Murray Bridge had a quick spurt in the third and we could not shoot accurately even though we had much of the play, the score was 16 points each at third quarter time.

Sadly a dominant Murray Bridge Bullet player her herself which allowed Millicent to take the lead and win the game 28 to 19.

Finally a grand final win!

Top scorer for the weekend was Mia Gysbers and Piper Paul.

Under 12 Boys Division 2 Winners

Coach: Jenny Herbert.

This was a combined draw of Division 1 and Division 2.

Another win!!

48 to 16. Played Keith – won

31 to 31. Played Murray Bridge – draw

52 to 16. Played Mount Gambier Blue – won

43 to 30. Quarter Final Played Naracoorte – won

28 to 43. Semi Final Played Bordertown – lost (went to Division 2 Grand Final)

Grand Final

43 to 30. Played Mount Gambier Gold – won.

Cruz Gibson played well by stealing ball and making fast breaks to the basket to score. He was also good under the basket when rebounding along with Mitchell Tarrant. Ryder Lindner shot the majority of the points, shooting a massive 31 points. Defence by Jimmy Collins and Harry Arrend was also strong. It was a great team win.

Under 12 Girls Red Division 1 Runners-Up

Coach: Andrew Thorne.

This was a combined draw of Division 1 and 2. We entered Millicent Red and Millicent Grey.

Millicent Red were the Division 1 Runner Up.

22 to 20. Played Bordertown Bandits -won

46 to 7. Played Mount Gambier Blue – won

24 to 20. Played Naracoorte Kings – won

Grand Final Division 1

29 to 34. Played Mount Gambier Gold – lost.

Due to not having played this team during the tournament, Millicent were out played in the first half and could not seem to score. There was at least a 14 point lead to Mount Gambier.

In the third quarter, Millicent gained a few points but were still down at three quarter time.

The last quarter was Millicent’s best quarter and they seemed to find the basket. Unfortunately, they left their run too late and fell short by 5 points at the final siren.

Points were shared across the team for the weekend.

Under 14 Boys Division 3 Runner Up

Coach: Mason Galway

20 to 18. Played Mount Gambier – won

37 to 35. Played Naracoorte Kings – won

64 to 16. Played Keith – won

50 to 18. Played Murray Bridge Bullets – won

Grand Final

28 to 58. Played Mount Gambier – lost

Were out classed and the Mount had a great game to take home another win from us this weekend!

The following teams played but did not reach finals.

Under 14 Girls Division 2

Coach: Jasmin Howe

24 to 8. Played Mount Gambier Blue – won

24 to 32. Played Mount Gambier Gold – lost

22 to 32. Played Naracoorte – lost

30 to 31. Played Keith – lost

Under 16 Girls Division 2

Coach Jasmin Howe

13 to 30. Played Naracoorte – lost

19 to 51. Played Bordertown Bandits – lost

24 to 32. Played Mount Gambier – lost

Under 14 Boys Division 2

Coach: George Wimshurst

27 to 29. Played Mount Gambier – lost

34 to 42. Played Naracoorte – lost

28 to 35. Played Murray Bridge – lost

28 to 40. SEMI FINAL. Played Murray Bridge – lost

Under 12 Girls Grey Division 1 & 2

Coach: Matt Falkner

10 to 42. Played Mount Gambier Gold – lost

16 to 10. Played Murray Bridge – won

9 to 19. QUARTER FINAL.  Played Bordertown – lost

19 to 22. Consolation Game. Played Murray Bridge – lost

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