More people in work across state

South Australia’s unemployment rate is now at a 12 year low with the rate falling to 4.7% after 10,700 jobs were created in the month of July, according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data.

Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni said SA now led the nation for jobs growth, creating 32,800 jobs since the beginning of the year and “now has more people in jobs than ever before”.

“South Australia is now on the verge of effective full employment for the first time in a generation,” he said.

Minister Pisoni said, in the last month South Australia had a record number of people in full-time work, a record number of hours worked, and more people employed than ever before.

“The female unemployment rate of 4.4% is the best it has been in 13 years as more and more women enter into non-traditional jobs,” he said.

“The youth unemployment continues to be at its lowest level in a decade and is once again below the national average.”

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