Mount Burr given authentic taste of the states

A taste of the USA literally came to Mount Burr over the weekend when the proprietors of the general store served up American-style food exclusively to mark the passing of 245 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Most of the diners would have been probably unaware the 13 American colonies sought to break from British rule on July 4, 1776. It has been a momentous occasion for the USA ever since and American-born storekeeper George Copelin and his Aussie wife Rosie made sure the date did not pass without acknowledgement at Mount Burr.

They extended the seated capacity to 50 and programmed the jukebox to only play American artists such as Barry White and Marvin Gaye. The Copelins obtained a special circumstances licence and so wine, beer and assorted alcoholic drinks were available. Diners were treated to such American main course treats as barbecue ribs, pork bellies and barbecue chicken while the desserts included apple pie and waffles.

With 30 years of commercial cooking experience, Mr Copelin took charge of the kitchen. The American flag was proudly displayed. Celebrating Independence Day was a big part in the life of Mr Copelin before moving to Australia four years ago. “It was always a time when families got together,” Mr Copelin said. “We would have big gatherings as my grandparents had 13 children.”

The Copelin family connection with the USA dates back to the 1860s when his great grandfather emigrated as a free settler from Africa. “He was a share-cropper in Georgia,” Mr Copelin said.

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