Mount Gambier family tree grows tall

Mount Gambier’s Bronwyn Sims is lucky enough to have five generations of girls living in her family on her mother’s side.

Ms Sims said she has had five generations of girls living occur twice in 23 years and said she had not met or known of anyone else with five living generations in their family.

“I know four generations is reasonably common but five generations is pretty rare,” Ms Sims said.

“It is very special.”

Ms Sims, her daughter Rebecca and her mother Gwyneth Worrell live in Mount Gambier and her granddaughter Paige Macleod now lives in Portland with her 13-month-old daughter Imogen Pengilly.

Ms Sims’ family continues to defy the odds as not only does she have five generations on her mum’s side, she also has five generations on her dad’s side, however this side is not all girls.

Ms Sims said she was a grandma of 10 and a great grandma of one who had a lot of love to share.

Meanwhile, her mother has 18 living grandchildren, around 33 great grandchildren and great-great grandchild Imogen.

“And she remembers everyone’s birthday, never forgets,” Ms Sims said.

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