MSE netball begins under sunny skies

Kalangadoo v Glencoe

In sunny conditions, Kalangadoo started a new era by debuting several players, but could not get off to a winning start against a confident Glencoe side.

The Murphies started the quarter strongly and applied great pressure from the first whistle, with the defensive combination of Sarah Edwards and Chantelle Cocks causing some early turnovers against the Magpies’ goalie combination of Estella Serle and Kori Collins.

Glencoe’s goal shooters Jenna Paproth and Malinda Markiewicz found plenty of space and rewarded their side’s defensive effort to go into the first break with an eight-goal advantage.

The Murphies increased their intensity after the first break with Donna Jaeschke running hard, feeding her goalies accurately, while coach Sarah Edwards and Kalangadoo’s Kori Collins had a tight contest to earn every possession.

However, Glencoe protected its lead and went into the main break with a 22 goal advantage.

The leaders made no positional changes at half time, where Kalangadoo switched the goalie combination and moved Sophie Wrightson into the centre.

It created a tightly contested tussle with black and white defenders Reanna Wetherall and Shanen Pulkkinen working hard to create turnovers and curve Glencoe’s momentum, which resulted in an evenly scored quarter.

But normal service resumed in the final quarter continued with Glencoe’s mid court positioning well to feed their goalies with precision.

Chantelle Cocks continued to work hard on Kalangadoo’s Kori Collins who was positioning well for her feeders, but Glencoe finished the game strong to hand a rare 57-30 to the Magpies.

Kongorong v Port MacDonnell

Kongorong and Port MacDonnell both went hard at the ball in windy conditions at Kongorong.

Alana Winter in GD for the Demons was on from the second the whistle blew, driving the ball down the court to add a real sense of pressure early in the game.

Port MacDonnell settled earlier than the young Hawks with the attack line giving them a three goal lead heading into the first break.

In the second quarter, the wind picked up even more than before causing issues for both teams across the court.

Cody Manning for the Demons and Riley Buckingham for the Hawks battled hard on the wing, both being influential for their respective sides through the second term.

The visitors shooters had a particularly dominant quarter with Brooke Williams making five from six shots to push the lead out by another goal.

The Hawks went into the third quarter with work to do and the defensive end did not give the Demons an inch.

Emily Lightbody and Tori McIntyre combined well in the circle aided with Buckingham’s relentless pressure on the wing forced some turnovers to give their side the boost it needed heading into the second half.

The Hawks outscored the Demons 10 to seven in the third term due to their back lines hard work, drawing the score to within one heading into the last break.

Both teams continued to fight hard defensively at each end as the windy conditions did not ease up.

Winter and Megan Hein worked overtime for their side in defence whilst Rachel Perry and Liza Mutch both did not ease up pace through the middle in a thrilling contest down the court.

But it was the Demons who got it done to pick themselves up the first win of their 2022 campaign.

Mount Burr v Hatherleigh

Mount Burr and Hatherleigh hit the courts in 2022 with some fresh faces on Saturday.

Olivia Dean, Zoe Brown and Meg Fennell were the new and returning players in the Mozzies line up, while the Eagles welcomed Erin Watson and Demi Vanderhorst back into the A Grade side.

Despite a great start from Mount Burr scoring the opening goal Hatherleigh opened up a three-goal lead after a tight tussle for the opening quarter.

Maddie Redman and Ebony Clark were the focal point in their respective goal circles.

Lara MacGregor applied defensive pressure for Hatherleigh, making Brown having to work hard for every possession, while Mount Burr’s Maddi Haggett’s intense pressure in the goal circle limited the opportunities for Hatherleigh.

Haggett and youngster Olivia Dean at GK worked well together to create turnovers and win the quarter.

Simone Westerman continued to apply pressure at WD for Mount Burr, forcing Watson and Georgia Hunter to change their driving game.

Clark continued to score for the Burr allowing them to win the quarter to flip the scoreboard and take a one goal lead into the final quarter.

Haggett continued to make turnovers and give Mount Burr the opportunity to score, while MacGregor for Hatherleigh made it hard for Brown to gain possession and limited her scoring opportunities, taking timely intercepts.

In the end the Eagles was more patient with the ball in attack creating less unforced errors, allowing them to make the most of a thrilling three-goal win.

Tantanoola v Nangwarry

Tantanoola won the toss and did not look back to start the new Bendigo Bank Mid South Eastern Netball Association season with a bang against Nangwarry on Saturday.

The Tigers took the first centre pass of the season and were able to score quickly through Emma Gould.

The Saints responded with quick movement from Kylie Heaver on the wing and safe delivery into her goalies putting their first score on the board.

The Tigers’ defensive end stepped up early in the piece with Kate Bromley and Tayla Rowe getting hands to lots of ball causing havoc for the Nangwarry shooters.

Tantanoola were able to convert with Gould not looking to miss and going into the first break up by 12.

No changes were needed for the home side in the second which looked to continue on their way, while Nangwarry made changes to try and shut down Gould with Hayley Burner moving back to keeper. But Gould proved too strong with a further 17 goals to her name.

Nangwarry’s shooter Tahlia Wilson found her range and put some scores on the board for her side, but the red and white still led 44-20 at the main break.

Both sides made changes in the third with the Tigers having a mid court shuffle with Kristie Varcoe in the centre to utilise her speed through the middle with Casey Walker moving to WD and Madi Kelly to WA.

Ange Pratt stepped up for the Saints and did not miss for the quarter and moved well with Wilson.

Defensive pressure by Bromley and Rowe allowed Tantanoola to turn ball over and send it down court quickly to ice the comfortable 88-30 triumph.

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