Musical journey leads to Tamworth

It was a dream come true for local singer-songwriter Anne Fraser when it was announced she would perform at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January next year.

The passionate musician said the exciting opportunity arose from joining the Tamworth Songwriters Association, where she met many contacts who helped her gain recognition and airplay.

“My journey is changing all the time thanks to connections that I never thought possible,” Ms Fraser said.

“Through social media, I have met some amazing musicians that have offered to work with me and then the Tamworth opportunity came along.”

Ms Fraser said it had always been her dream to perform at Tamworth. She will perform as part of the Tamworth Songwriters Association and will busk on Tamworth Peel Street and at the Tamworth Country Music Hall of Fame during her stay.

“Songwriting and poetry is my passion, telling a story through my lyrics is what drives my music,” she said.

Ms Fraser hoped to travel to Sydney in March to record and collaborate with Sydney singer-songwriter Andy Penkow.

“Andy and I are collaborating in song writing and will be performing at Tamworth a song that we are working on currently and will record together in Sydney,” she said.

But the excitement does not stop there for Ms Fraser, who is also working on her new single ‘Farmlights,’ produced by Studio Engineer George Fahd at Go-To Recording Studios in Sydney, who she has collaborated with for over a year.

Ms Fraser said she is grateful for the support of local musicians Mark Moffatt and Wendy Routers, who worked with her instrumentally on this song and helped create the music which is currently on radio.

Brisbane band and producers SM2 also offered to produce her song ‘Blood and Sun,’ which Ms Fraser said will be released soon.

“We have plans to keep collaborating, so exciting days ahead,” she said.

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