Netballers shine in the sun

U19: Zodiacs vs Saints

The sun shined on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon at Olympic Park where Zodiacs and Saints Under 19’s went head to head in the latest round of Mount Gambier Netball Association action.

The first half of the game showcased the Zodiacs dominance with amazing footwork from goal defence Kayla Ferguson, goal attack Kim Opperman, wing attack Skye Sander, goal shooter Jas Poel and Jaime Bowditch at centre.

Saints also played amazing defensive plays in the half, especially from the likes of Lara Tasker at wing defence, Chloe McIntosh at goal defence and also excellent pressuring moments from goal keeper Maddy Hosking.

The plays from Opperman and Poel were amazing and no moment can be recalled where Poel missed a shot from wherever she stood.

Hosking and Sander were both excellent “hype” players for their respective teams, always encouraging their teammates, shouting how proud they were of them which is what every team should have.

The need to be slick and fast was also evident throughout the half, which was controlled by Zodiacs 26-9.

As the second half approached, the teams still kept the same pace from the previous half and maybe even faster and harder at some points.

They all played like it was the game of their lives and each individual impressed.

Mia Passuer-Jones played an excellent defence game in the second half with fantastic intercepts against Sander.

Zodiacs remained on top to compile a convincing 48-13 win which was a surprise since all players performed well on the big stage.

Chloe McIntosh had a big day celebrating the achievement of playing her 250th game for Saints.

A Grade: Hobitz vs Intruders

Clear blue skies and beautiful sunshine greeted spectators for the highly anticipated A Grade game between Hobitz and Intruders.

The want and need to win was evident before the teams even hit the court.

All the defence and offensive sides from each team worked hard throughout the game and stood out in their own way.

The defensive efforts from Hobitz A Grade coach Kym Stewart at centre and Ella Cruise at goal defence were pivotal in the half, with great intercepts coming from Cruise.

There were great plays coming from the Intruders, with players like goal shooter Kahli Rolten and captain Kaye Bizko at goal attack.

It was a tightly contested first half which ended on a score of 30-21, Intruders way.

At the start of the second half, each player put every single bit of energy they had onto the court.

The Hobitz defence consisting of wing defence Leshia Goldsmith, goal keeper Lisa Rainey and Cruise all played brilliantly against a tough Intruders bunch of shooters.

But the Intruders attacking side of Rolten, Bizko, wing attack Amy Bignell and centre Gabriella Chandler eventually proved strong enough to keep building the advantage on the scoreboard.

The final score was another win for the undefeated Intruders with 62-42, but it was a brilliant game by all.

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