No surprises across MSENA courts as season takes shape

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Lechelle Earl, owner/editor

No surprises across MSENA courts as season takes shape

Round 9 of the Mid South East Netball League featured two blow outs and two predicted wins in the final round of the first half of the season.

Reigning premiers Kalangadoo easily accounted for Nangwarry and Port MacDonnell downed Kongorong by 31 goals, Glencoe accounted for Mount Burr as expected and Hatherleigh put up a valiant fight against the visiting Tantanoola.

Hatherleigh v Tantanoola

The Eagles and Tigers played out a tight match, however Hatherleigh’s home court advantage was not enough to hold off Tant, who claimed a seven goal victory.

In perfect weather conditions Hatherleigh hosted Tantanoola in their first meeting for the season.

The Tigers were the first on the scoreboard, followed quickly by Hatherleigh as the game went goal for goal in the early stages.

This week saw the home start a little different with Elly Redden switching from GK into GS and Demi Vanderhorst into GK.

This was new change for the home side but they were quick to adapt.

Any loose balls were quickly jumped on as both sides were eager to break away.

Tantanoola moved the ball down the court swiftly and were able to convert through Emma Gould.

However it was the home side who took a two goal lead into the first break.

The second quarter was tense, again going goal for goal.

Vanderhorst was able to get her hands to a few tips and touches which helped her home side add to the scoreboard.

Both sides were patient in attack, happily going backwards to go forward.

Each pass was heavily contested between all players.

Erin Watson provided her team with plenty of direction and touches with chances to convert.

Tantanoola’s Jami Walker did her part outside the circle working the ball in so her side was able to convert, which allowed the Tigers to take a two goal lead, going into the main break 21 -23.

The visitors made changes in the third quarter with Bella Poulish and Kate Bromley switching, but it did not seem to matter for the Eagles as they continued to push on, however neither side could break away by more than two goals.

Elly Redden was a standout for the home side with her strength and ability to create, hold space and convert.

Both sides were able to create turnovers all down the court which kept the score board ticking over.

Jami Walker sunk some important shots which helped her side break away to a two goal lead, going into the last break up 33-31.

The last term started quick and fast as Tantanoola began to chip away slowly, however Hatherleigh applied heavy defensive pressure which caused turnovers but they were unable to convert when needed.

This quickly helped the visitors transition down court and convert through Emma Gould.

Hatherleigh continued to work hard, but poor choices in passing allowed the visitors to pick these off and extend their lead.

A late change to the home side had Bree Harris and Kali Nettle switch in the attack which worked well for the home side however Tantanoola were able to hold on and take the points by seven.

Hatherleigh’s best players were Erin Watson and Kali Nettle, with Casey Walker and Bella Poulish taking the honours for Tantanoola.

Nangwarry v Kalangadoo

Nangwarry won the coin toss and opted to take the first centre pass, but the first score went to the Magpies, with their defence intercepting near the goal circle and moving swiftly down the court to open their account.

Throughout the first quarter the young Saints side gave their all and kept up their positivity, but their score of three at the end of the quarter did not reflect the effort that was put into the

Kayla Gray worked overtime at GK, trying her best to get hands to any loose balls and take any rebounds, however the shooting accuracy of Abbey Duncan made rebounds rare, with Duncan shooting 10 of the 15 for Kalangadoo in the first term.

Nangwarry’s Maddi Stephens and Kalangadoo’s Jayde Peacock had a great tussle in centre, while youngster Shayden Russell used her height well in at WD for the Magpies, getting her hands over the ball and making it difficult for the Saints to move the ball down the court comfortably.

Neither team made any changes at the first break.

Kalangadoo continued intense pressure all the way down the court during the second quarter.

The Magpies goalies both moved beautifully in the circle and both Duncan and Ebony McDiarmid found their range, shooting an impressive 21 between them for the quarter.

But the Saints made them work for every goal, with defenders Jemma Glynn and Kayla Gray applying the pressure throughout the term.

Nangwarry used a tactical change during the quarter, bringing on Taysha Marshall into WD and giving Lacey Neale a well-deserved break.

Ebony Wurst, a newcomer to the young Saints side, showed her intensity and strength in the goal circle, moving beautifully with teammate and fellow newcomer Sheridan Sakkers.

Alice Circelli at WA used her speed and strength on the outside of the circle to pass into the shooters.

However the amazing reading of the ball and strength from both Magpie defenders Georgia Gentile and Lara Munro meant the possibilities for the Saints to score was limited, leaving them with four for the quarter.

Both teams made some changes at the main break with the Pies changing over the two defenders in the ring and Jane Auld swapping bibs with Shayden Russell in the wing positions.

The Saints moved Alice Circelli into centre, meaning Maddi Stephens could take a few extra breaths at WA.

The Saints spent the third term keeping their positivity up, making sure to encourage each other and keep working hard, but the scoreboard again did not show the effort they were putting in, scoring just the two.

Kalangadoo yet again used intense pressure all the way down the court, finding each other in the perfect positions with accurate passing, helping them add another 20 to their score.

At the final break it was just the Saints side that made any changes, changing up their centre court positions.

The experience and strength of Jayde Peacock at centre meant she was able to turn the ball over multiple times throughout the last quarter and move it smoothly down the court.

The final term did allow Nangwarry to try to gain ground with a few more misses from the Pies goalies, however the intercepts were quickly turned over again on the way back down the court.

Nangwarry were able to achieve a goal they had set, by keeping the experienced and strong Magpies side to a score under 75.

But in the final term they were unable to score from the few shots they were able to take, with the strength of the Pies just too strong for the young but always improving Saints team.

Kalangadoo took the win 71-9, with best players for Nangwarry Maddi Stephens and Kayla Gray, while for the Mapgies it was Jayde Peacock and Georgia Gentile.

Port MacDonnell v Kongorong

In sunny and still conditions at the Bay, the Demons took on the neighbouring Hawks with all players donning blue socks to raise awareness and funds for MND.

The game started off as a see-sawing affair as both teams took a bit of time to settle.

Kori Collins at GS for Port Mac was on, missing just one goal for the quarter.

Emily Thompson at GK for the home team also started well, creating many turnovers for her team.

The Hawks’ goalie combo of Tilah Buckingham and Evie Sealey moved well and made the most of the opportunities they had.

Port Mac edged away late in the quarter to take a 12-5 lead at quarter time.

The second quarter featured a great battle in the midcourt as Jasmin McKinnon and Ebony Lawson gave 100% for the Hawks but Port Mac’s WD Kate Faint was having an exceptional game – taking numerous intercepts to help her team move further ahead on the scoreboard.

Alysha Coon ran the centre beautifully and combined well around the ring with Cody Manning.

Megan Hein stepped up at GA for the Demons, shooting 10 for the quarter, despite the gallant defensive efforts of the Hawks’ Rach Perry and Emily Lightbody.

Port Mac took a 31-14 lead at the main break.

In the third quarter the Hawks brought on junior Rahni Janeway to GS, Tilah Buckingham moved out to GA and Evie Sealey went into centre.

This was a better quarter for the Hawks as Sealey and Zara Vonstanke fed their goalies well and the quarter was tied up at 12-12.

Port Mac was still in the lead 43-26 at the final break.

The final quarter was all Port Mac as Emily Thompson played a brilliant game at GK for the Bay, ably supported by Alana Berkefeld and Kate Faint throughout the entire match.

The defensive team made it very hard for Kongorong to score in the final term.

Megan Hein had another exceptional quarter – shooting 15 goals with very few misses.

Overall it was a solid performance from the Bay, running out 63-32 winners.

Best for the Demons were Kate Faint and Emily Thompson and for the Hawks it was Evie Sealey and Rach Perry who took the honours.

Mount Burr v Glencoe

Mount Burr took the court recognising the milestone matches of Laura Schultz (200) and Megan Thiele (100) as they hosted Glencoe.

It was a closely contested game with both defensive ends forcing goalies to work hard to gain possession.

Chantelle Cocks was the focal point in the circle for the Murphies, with Jenna Paproth and Ashlea Pfitzner feeding well.

Laura Schultz at centre for Mount Burr and Ella Easterby at WA drove strongly to the circle edge, having patience to feed goalies with Madi Haggett shooting with accuracy.

Glencoe had a three goal lead at the first change.

The second quarter was again closely contested with Cocks dominating the goal circle for Glencoe, holding her position with Paproth feeding well.

Mount Burr had many scoring opportunities with Haggett rebounding strongly.

Glencoe maintained defensive pressure all over the court, forcing turnovers then transitioning the ball quickly into the goal circle.

Mount Burr had to have patience to move the ball down court due to Glencoe’s persistence allowing them to win the quarter by two, extending their lead to five, 23-18.

The third quarter was won by Mount Burr by a single goal.

Easterby and Schultz found space, allowing the ball to be transitioned into the goal circle, where Haggett finished off with accuracy.

Thiele and Olivia Dean made an impact, forcing Glencoe to have patience when feeding in.

Paproth and Cocks continued to move the ball until they had the scoring opportunity they wanted.

Both Schultz and Donna Jaeschke provided drive and strength through the middle to move the ball down the court, with Glencoe up 34-30 at the final change.

In the last quarter Glencoe continued to apply defensive pressure all over the court, forcing passing errors.

Sarah Edwards and Tamika Medhurst limited Mount Burr’s movement into the circle.

Edwards took timely interceptions which were moved quickly down court with Paproth being the focal point, scoring the majority of Glencoe’s goals.

Easterby continued to work hard combining well with Schultz, however Mount Burr was not able to add score board pressure, allowing Glencoe to come away with an 11 goal win, 48-37.

Best players for Mount Burr were Megan Thiele and Laura Schultz, while for Glencoe it was Ashlea Pfitzner and Alice Tentye

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