Oil project approval

Australian oil and gas explorer and developer Red Sky has received approval from the State Government to commence operations at the Killanoola Oil Project in the Penola Trough. A statement issued by Red Sky said the inspection of the above ground linear rod pump at the Killanoola-1 DW-1 well site was undertaken where the internal components of LRP were found to be in good condition and mechanically sound.

“The control box and the electrical system including the motor have been scheduled for recommissioning if the rod test is successful,” the statement said. “With this government approval, the rod components can be checked and potentially declared fit for purpose. “Post this certification, Red Sky is planning a short test run and if the testing performs well, the pump will be turned on for an extended production test.

“During that period Red Sky will be able to ascertain more about the quality of the oil, the reservoir and also test enhanced oil recovery solutions. “Once this test period is completed Red Sky will re-enter the well to perforate the newly identified 37 metres of potential pay as well as the 16 metres of potential pay identified at SE-1. “If successful, this should increase production rates significantly.”

The Killanoola oilfield was discovered by the Killanoola-1 well in 1998 at a depth of 850 metres.

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