Parliament committee to visit region

The Environment Resources and Development Committee of Parliament will visit the Limestone Coast to gather information from councils and members of the public as part of its inquiry into the Coast Protection Board and Legislation.

The coastal areas within the Robe, Beachport, Wattle Range and Port MacDonnell council areas have long faced challenges that are well-known to the community, including beach and dune erosion, increased seagrass and sand accumulation and flooding.

The committee will visit local sites of concern during its visit to the surrounding areas of Kingston, Robe, Cape Jaffa, Port MacDonnell, Southend and Beachport. Public hearings will be held at the Mount Gambier City Council Chambers on April 7 from 1-4pm with sessions open to the public.

Limestone Coast Local Government Association will present evidence to the committee highlighting some of the significant challenges faced by councils in managing the coast and suggest changes and increased support for the region.

Presiding Member and Member for MacKillop Nick McBride said it was important for the committee to visit and listen to regional communities before reporting to the parliament later in the year.

Contact Parliamentary Officer Joanne Fleer at ERDC. or (08) 8237 9387 or visit the committee page at to find out more information or to attend the public hearing.

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