Pedigree dogs to make tracks to Millicent show

Exhibitors are expected to strongly back the annual Millicent Kennel Club shows with hundreds of pedigree dogs about to grace the playing arena of the Millicent United Soccer Club on the weekend of November 5, 6 and 7.

Millicent Kennel Club secretary Julie Allen said the exact number would not be known until the closure of the online entries in early November.

She said an external company was collating the entries this year.

Ms Allen said the number could be adversely impacted if COVID-related border closures remained in place.

“Around 30% of the dogs at the Millicent show come from Victoria,” she said.

“Last November, there were no COVID restrictions in place and we had almost 350 entries at Millicent.

“We have a major pet food company sponsoring us this year.”

Ms Allen said all four judges were Victorians with back-up plans to use home state judges if COVID border closures still apply.

The Millicent championship dog shows will be held on Friday afternoon, throughout Saturday and on Sunday morning.

As an exhibitor herself, Ms Allen is keen to see her Collie dogs again win the coveted blue ribbons.

For many years, the dog shows were held within the showgrounds and coincided with the annual Millicent Show.

However, the move was made to the Millicent United Soccer Club on Park Terrace well over a decade ago.

The shows are conducted under the rules of the South Australian Canine Association with the other key role filled by Tania Huitema who is the show manager.

The Millicent Kennel Club is one of the oldest local sporting groups as it was founded in 1964.

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