Penola High School runs athletics carnival

Penola High School staff and students banded together recently to host the 76th Annual Interschool Athletics Carnival. Penola’s Physical Education teacher Tara Millard said with eight schools competing and more than 400 student competitors on site, weeks of organising and planning was required and would not have been possible without Chloe Long.

“To all those who were involved you should feel proud to have been a part of running such a successful carnival highlighting what Penola High School is capable of,” she said. “There were competitors who stepped up and competed in events for higher age groups and in events that were out of their comfort zone.

“There were many competitors who could celebrate individual success by setting new personal records and beating times/distances from our Interhouse Athletics Carnival. “I look forward to taking these students to Adelaide in a few weeks for the South Australia School Sport Athletics and once again represent Penola High School.

Penola High School students who experienced individual success included.

Archer Virtanen – 2nd Discus, 2nd Shot Put; Lilly Allen – 2nd Javelin; Cameron Perry- 3rd Long Jump; Shandeen Balshaw – 3rd Hurdles; Lachlan Summers – 3rd Long Jump; U14 Female Relay – 3rd; Open Male Relay – 3rd.

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