Penola Show 

Penola has moved to cancel the town’s annual show, a decision which was “devastating, yet unavoidable” according to organisers.

Show association president Kintra Wilson said the show was cancelled due to uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are bound by SA Health regulations so the amount we had to do to comply in order to make our show function on any level was overwhelming,” Mrs Wilson said.

“We would have to sell tickets online, put contact tracing in place and employ four times the individuals in order to monitor every person coming in and out of the facilities.

“As a committee we simply do not have the manpower or the money needed to keep the community safe by complying with SA Health Regulations.”

Mrs Wilson said one of the committee’s biggest concerns was having to cancel the week before, or even the day before the show, however she was absolutely hopeful the show could go ahead next year, anticipating a bigger and better show.

“As a society we have changed in the last 12 months to deal with COVID-19 and I think next year we will have far more understanding of how to comply with the rules so that we can move forward,” she said.

Next year’s show is set to include more entertainment, more people and larger sheep and cattle showing sections because there will be more people wanting to get out and become involved.

Despite the cancellation the show must go on, with the Penola Show Association already planning how to recognise the hard work individuals have put in to compete in the 2021 Penola Show.

“Show us your cows, chocolate cakes, flowers and anything else you were going to enter digitally on Facebook. We look forward to seeing what everyone has created,” Mrs Wilson said.

“Another thought we had was putting displays in shop windows with cards, ribbons and school stuff with a no touch option.

“I think we need to stick to the positives, yes we have cancelled and people are going to be disappointed, but we are looking forward to next year’s show.”

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