‘Pigeon plague’ sweeps region

A Millicent business operator has claimed there is currently a pigeon plague in the central business district and has called on Wattle Range Council to act on the resultant health issues. The claims have been made by pharmacist Jim Gow who heads the partnership which operates the Glen Street Pharmacy and Millicent Chemist and Giftware.

According to Mr Gow the problem of feral pigeons in Millicent is probably caused by a number of factors including delinquent pigeon racing owners who have let the pigeons all go or who do not care anymore and lost interest in the sport. He said there are properties in Millicent with open ceilings accessible to pigeons allowing them to breed without limit.

Mr Gow said pigeons were nesting under solar roof installations and in business rooftops in the main street of Millicent. “Wattle Range Council does not care and has done little to eradicate the feral pigeons,” Mr Gow alleged. “Pigeon poo is a problem in the ceilings and attracts mice and rats into the ceilings breeding various communicable diseases.

“Pigeon poo in our situation at Glen Street Primacy is that it filled the gutters and because of the volume it causes an overflow of water into the ceilings causing damage to the ceilings and costs. “Wattle Range Council should take a stand on health and safety grounds to bring the thousands of pigeons under control and help reduce the mouse and rat problem in Millicent. “There are thousands of pigeons in Millicent, just look at the skyline and in the ceiling spaces.

“We business owners of Glen Street Pharmacy and Millicent Chemist and Giftware are doing our part and have employed a licensed contract shooter in the early mornings and have accounted for some 140 feral birds. “It’s time for Wattle Range Council to take an active role.”

Numerous business owners approached by The SE Voice have either said there were no concerns with pigeons in Millicent or they have taken measures on their buildings to prevent them roosting.  All disagree there are pigeons in plague proportion numbers. Wattle Range Council development services director Emma Clay has clarified the role of council in pigeon management.

“The responsibility for managing pigeons or any such pests rests with the building owner,” Ms Clay said. “There are a number of ways that building owners may address an issue with pigeons. “They include removing food sources, proofing around roofing, eaves and windows, deterring with spikes, removal of nests, scare devices and trapping, shooting or sedation.

“If building owners are wishing to trap, shoot or sedate pigeons as a management technique, Wattle Range Council recommends engaging qualified contractors. “Council is willing to provide necessary permits in regards tonoise for building owners undertaking pigeon management.”

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