Players contest polocrosse series

Local polocrosse players Olivia Berkin and Holly Wittig have recently competed in the Western Australia Under 21 ladies’ side at the 2022 Barastoc Interstate Series and Shell Cup Carnival at Warwick, Queensland.

The WA side was low on numbers as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, so 16-year-old Berkin and 20-year-old Wittig filled in to give the team the opportunity to play.

They were originally going to compete as a South Australian entry, but did not have enough members to fill the required seven-person side.

Berkin said she was attending the event to watch, but enjoyed the opportunity to play with a new side.

“It was fun to play with Holly because it was nice to know someone when competing so far away from home,” she said.

“We played against Queensland in the first game and they were the toughest team by a long shot and we lost.

“We then played New South Wales and had a really good game, we got super close to them which we had never done before.

“We were going to compete against another Queensland team on the Sunday but it flooded due to rain so we could not play.

“We did not win but it was an amazing experience.”

Berkin and Wittig both encourage other people to get involved with the sport.

“Everyone who does it loves it, but you have to be committed to the sport,” said Berkin.

“It is such a big social sport, you meet people from all around the country which is my favourite part about it.

“Compared to other sports where you play a game and go home, here everyone hangs out together.”

“I think the best thing about it is we get to know people from all over Australia,” echoed Wittig.

“It’s so much fun and it is a really good family sport.”

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