Police beat leads band to primary school

McDonald Park Primary School was one of eight schools across the Limestone Coast visited by the SAPOL School Beat Band recently.

The band embedded safety and security messages into an engaging and entertaining performance comprised of well-known TV themes, pop songs and movie soundtrack favourites.

Aboriginal education teacher Katherine Bundy said the band was met with a great deal of excitement from the moment they arrived.

“As a result of ongoing COVID restrictions, it has been a considerable time since students at McDonald Park School have experienced a live performance,” she said.

“Many students in the lower primary year levels had never attended a live performance at school.

“For the most part of 2022, assemblies have been held online so this was the first time that all students had been together as a whole group this year.

“The SAPOL School Beat Band introduced their instruments and played many well-known songs that students could clap along or sing to.”

Ms Bundy said the students thoroughly enjoyed the highly energetic performance.

“The spokesperson of the band talked to the students about how to recognise and contact the police, ways in which the police can help and road safety,” she said.

“We would like to see initiatives like this continue to visit our region as it allows students to experience live music and develop an understanding about who the police are, the work they do and how they help.

“It was a positive experience for all, and we would be keen to have the SAPOL School Beat Band return in the future.”

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