Police nab thieves after third golf club break-in

Athief recently broke into the Penola Golf Club buggy shed and stole three sets of golf clubs, which had a combined value of approximately $8000.

The thief entered through the side door of the buggy shed at approximately 1.30am on a Thursday morning.

Their vehicle was caught on security cameras and Penola Golf Club president Greg Hutchesson said he was unsure how they broke in.

“We scrolled through some security cameras footage, we could not find much at all until about half an hour through it I spotted a car leaving on the cameras,” Mr Hutchesson said.

“I had a vague idea of what the car description was, I noticed it had a piece missing off it, so it was distinguishable from others.”

Someone with a keen eye spotted a car in Mount Gambier which matched the description and the thief has now been apprehended.

Mr Hutchesson said it was the third break-in at the Penola Golf Club this year, with two previous break-ins into the green fees box.

Penola Golf Club secretary Paul Harmer noticed the break-in on his way to work and rang the police.

Mr Harmer’s golf clubs were stolen, which were valued at approximately $3500 and included some custom-made clubs, however his clubs have now been rightfully returned.

Mr Harmer said he was in disbelief, annoyed and frustrated when he found out his clubs were stolen.

“I do not think we’re the only one, I think several golf clubs have been broken into and I think it’s because there’s nothing out there,” he said.

“I think in this day and age that rural properties are being targeted that people need to be vigilant, keep an eye out for anything suspicious because things continue to get taken.

“I suppose in the country we cannot be blasé and think that things will not be stolen.”

Anyone who has any further information can contact Crime Stoppers on 131 444.

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