Private school 2023 fee freeze

As South Australians continue to feel the impact of COVID-19 and rising costs, Catholic Education SA has announced it will freeze fees at its 86 diocesan schools for the 2023 school year.

These include Limestone Coast schools Tenison Woods College and St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School.

The announcement comes as over 1200 Reception students are preparing to commence at a Catholic primary school as part of the free mid-year intake.

Families who have children commencing Reception in July will pay no school fees in Term 3 and Term 4 in 2022.

Catholic Education SA director Dr Neil McGoran said the decisions were part of their continued COVID-19 response as they seek to support families at a time when they are being impacted by rising costs and inflation.

“Amongst all the worries that families have at this time – worrying about the payment of school fees should not be one of them,” he said.

Dr McGoran said the fee-freeze would not impact the quality of education.

Since 2019, Catholic Education SA has been implementing the Making Catholic Education More Affordable Initiative to ensure their schools are accessible to any family who wants their child to have a Catholic education.

“We have introduced a range of initiatives, including widespread fee reductions, a low income fee for families on modest incomes, and a free midyear intake for Receptions,” Dr McGoran said.

In 2021, all diocesan Catholic primary schools reduced fees by an average of 15%.

In 2022, all diocesan Catholic primary schools froze their fees and diocesan secondary and combined colleges reduced fees by 1% to 7%.

Dr McGoran said the decision to freeze fees again in 2023 would provide welcome relief to families.

“We’re committed to keeping school fees as low as possible and ensuring a Catholic education is affordable and accessible to all,” he said.

In addition to the fee-freeze, further fee remissions and reductions are available to any family who is struggling to pay school fees due to financial pressures.

Families should contact their school for more information.

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