Rare bird found along coastline

Two Orange-bellied Parrots have been spotted in the Coorong region, leaving bird enthusiasts thrilled. SA Orange-bellied Parrot Regional Coordinator Bob Green spotted two Orange-bellied Parrots, including one juvenile bird, during a parrot identification workshop recently.

“The most recent confirmed sighting of an Orange-bellied Parrot was in 2013, so this was certainly an exciting and important find,” Mr Green said. “The workshops are held because there are four similar parrots that all occur in the same coastal areas so making sure that observers know how to correctly identify the birds is really important, as we need to make sure that records are 100% accurate.

“Photos were taken which confirmed the bird’s leg band details, enabling the bird’s origins to be known. “I have been informed the bird is a wild born juvenile, meaning it was only hatched in the most recent breeding season over summer in SW Tasmania and has made the migration across Bass Strait and up to the Coorong National Park.”

Mr Green said the workshop participants were very excited and also surprised to see the Orangebellied Parrots, knowing how rare they are, how difficult to find, and the fact that it had been eight years since the last confirmed record in SA. “The pleasing results are very reassuring for the Our Coorong|Our Coast project team who are midway through a five year project which focusses on restoration and enhancement of habitat for the threatened species,” he said.

Contact Bob Green at shriketit@bigpond.com or call 0407 649 909 for more information about upcoming identification workshops or to report a sighting.

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