Recycling initiative becomes food for thought at Tenison Woods College

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The Tenison Woods College Sugarloaf café has undergone a facelift, with its tables remade in visually striking recycled plastic, each one containing 10,000 plastic bottle lids.

New ecology and sustainability education support officer Mike Jazepczyk has worked tirelessly since the start of the term with middle school sustainability leaders in their recess and lunchtimes to create the tables by sorting, shredding and pressing the lids.

Mr Jazepczyk comes from a long career in cabinetmaking and construction, and his specific skillset has proven a vital ingredient in producing beautiful, bespoke items with students.

Mr Jazepczyk said it was great to see the student engagement and leadership in the sorting, shredding and formation of the tables.

“The students really get a buzz out of seeing the products they played a part in making, being featured and used around the college,” he said.

“It is incredible to see their eyes light up when they see a completely unique sheet come out of the press and I have to remind them that it all started from plastic destined for landfill.”

Families can continue to support the program by donating their clean #2, #4 and #5 lids to the space before or during school hours.

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