Regional council seeks private investment for former boatyard

Port MacDonnell’s former boatyard site has been listed for prospectus on the South Australian Department of Trade’s ‘Invest in South Australia’ portal in a bid to attract private investment.

Grant District Council listed the site and is seeking expressions of interest discussions with private investors in order to partner on a mixed-use waterfront development.

The old boatyard the area was recently considered for a redevelopment by the council which would have turned it into a car park. However, arsenic contamination at the site made the plans impractical after the Environmental Protection Agency ruled the car park’s proposed garden beds for drainage purposes unsuitable.

Council has since moved to develop a prospectus for the site with the bayside community previously indicating an interest in turning the site into a retail or accommodation-type precinct.

According to the prospectus, potential exists for tourism-focussed hospitality, retail and quality accommodation offerings that contribute to the town’s long-term benefit and attractiveness.

“The 3066 square meter site sits on the promenade forming a natural town centre location and overlooks the recently completed $2.1m ‘The Waterfront’ foreshore development,” the prospectus reads.

“Covering four titles and with three frontages the site is ready for development with ‘Town Centre’ zoning. Council is seeking development which complements the heritage listed two storey ‘Customs House’ bed and breakfast located on the adjacent Sea Parade corner.

“Partnerships with Grant District Council as owners may include land transactions with an agreement which encourages a quality development for the landmark site.”

The site will be listed on the Department of Trade until October 1 and council chief executive Darryl Whicker said the prospectus would be renewed depending on interest at council’s most recent elected members meeting.

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