Residents urged to take responsibility over check-ins

Limestone Coast residents are being urged to check in at every location they visit in a bid to safeguard not only themselves, but their loved ones. Limestone Coast Local Service Area Officer in Charge Superintendent Phil Hoff said people needed to take responsibility for using the MyGov smartphone app to aid contact tracing.

“Many people are doing the right thing and scanning when they go into public locations, but many people are not,” he said. “The most important thing for people to understand is this is a way of protecting yourself and your family.

“The other day I looked at the World Health Organisation’s figures and there had been 340,000 new infections in one day and Australia had six. “We are getting something right and we cannot afford to be complacent.”

Supt Hoff said people had no reason to fear their information being compromised. “That information will not see the light of day until such time as someone returns a positive result and we backtrack to where they were,” he said. “Then you can be provided with advice to keep safe and get treatment.”

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