Retro inspiration for new designs

Allendale East clothing designer Beverley Gunn is currently exhibiting some retro fashion at the Port MacDonnell Community Complex. Ms Gunn opened the exhibition, which includes four day dresses inspired by fashion trends of the late 1940s, last week.

The Vintage 1949 exhibition showcases Ms Gunn’s pattern construction techniques designed to enhance and give comfort to the mature or voluptuous figure. Ms Gunn said she had noticed the classic original dresses currently available were styled for the size 10s or even smaller body frame.

All dresses in her range are size 16 and have been fashioned on and for a model with realistic curves. This is Ms Gunn’s second exhibition in Port MacDonnell. Ms Gunn studied Pattern Making and Dress Design in 1974 through The International Correspondence School.

“I have loved clothing of this 1949 vintage and earlier vintages particularly being inspired during the days of black and white television,” she said. “My designs are always one of a kind, with inspiration for this range coming from world leading designers who were operating in France during 1949.

“In the years leading up to 1949 ready-to-wear clothing was not yet an everyday reality. “One designer operating in France at this time that I particularly admired was the Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga.”

Ms Gunn envisages that vintage clothing enthusiasts will co-ordinate these dresses with accessories and other garments still available in local vintage boutiques and bazaars. Another item of interest on display is a pair of lace and cotton day wear gloves.

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