Road frustration

Akey lobby group has strongly criticised the condition of the Southern Ports Highway between Millicent and Beachport, describing it as the most complained about road in regional South Australia.

The RAA motoring organisation claims 61 complaints about cracks, potholes, crumbling edges, loose surfaces, unsealed road shoulders and a lack of overtaking lanes had been logged under its Risky Roads survey.

Back in 2019, the RAA completed an assessment of Limestone Coast roads and called for intersection upgrades along the highway especially the intersection with the Southend Access Road.

The assessment called for more shoulder sealing, pavement rehabilitation and bridge widening.

RAA’s Safety and Infrastructure team undertook a further site assessment in March of this year.

“No progress has been made to date on the recommendations made by the RAA,” stated the article.

“As a priority, the RAA would like the road surface along the Southern Ports Highway repaired or re-constructed, particularly between Beachport and Millicent.”

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) has identified nine sections for major resurfacing works between Beachport and Millicent.

While the works were not currently scheduled, they may be considered when next assessing projects to receive funding.

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