Road safety upgrades to be completed

Key transport routes in the Limestone Coast will receive significant upgrading in coming months.

New overtaking lanes will be constructed on the Riddoch Highway, as well as extensions of existing overtaking lanes on the Princes Highway between Mount Gambier and Kingston.

There will also be new overtaking lanes added from Mount Gambier to the South Australia-Victoria border.

The State Government has released a forward works mid-year industry brief as its $16.7b infrastructure spend gains momentum. The Department for Infrastructure and Transport’s annual August industry brief has been embraced by local business and coincides with the release of the department’s annual Forward Work Plan.

Infrastructure and Transport Minister Corey Wingard said the first mid-year, industry brief would improve planning, resource and economic efficiencies for businesses of all sizes as the pipeline continued to roll out.

“There is something for every contractor in this industry brief that outlines procurement details in advance from major projects through to bread and butter works for smaller operators,” Minister Wingard said. “Businesses can benefit from long term clarity around minor to major projects that will align with their expertise and scope through the mid-year industry brief.

“Working hard on major project planning and infrastructure upgrades across the state means the groundwork is laid to more easily secure funding and get shovels in the ground.”

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport is responsible for delivering the State Government’s capital infrastructure program and committed to engaging with industry on upcoming projects.

Doubling down on engagement with industry ultimately benefits the community through streamlined project delivery.

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