Robe councillors defend actions

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Constant criticism from sections of the community has prompted the Robe District Council elected members and staff to defend their actions by penning a 3500-word open letter.

The signatories are Robe Mayor Alison Nunan, the six councillors and council chief executive James Holyman.

A letter of this size has no precedent and goes into detail about council’s actions with respect to various leases with community groups like the Robe Bowling Club and Robe Golf Club.

Council’s involvement in proposals for a Lake Butler Marina convention centre and a base for the Robe Surf Lifesaving Club are also canvassed.

The letter states why councillors and staff feel such a rare act of communication is necessary.

“Despite the ongoing communication from Robe District Council, it is disappointing that some people seem to default to disrespect and suspicion of their elected members,” stated the open letter.

“They prefer misinformation to facts and do not seek accurate answers to questions that are raised.

“This is a deliberate blurring of facts.

“This is not who we are as a community.

“As elected members we are committed to and focused on building a strong and cohesive community.

“To this end, it is important to understand that councillors have been elected to represent the interests of all the people of Robe and the surrounding districts.”

The letter said “informally, the councillors have been made aware there is incorrect information circulating within the community”.

“Therefore, we want to clarify Robe District Council’s position so our community can be better informed on some of the matters being discussed at the moment,” it said.

“We understand that not everyone will agree with decisions made by the council but feel it is important the community understands how council makes its decisions.”

The open letter was published in council’s monthly newsletter.

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