This week will see Mount Gambier Netball Association teams again come out strong and determined to gain the win.

In A Grade, a great game will be played  between Hobitz and Saints with both sides looking to maintain their winning edge.

 Hobitz are yet to be beaten, with Saints looking for the win to take over second spot on the  ladder.

Zodiacs will take on a renewed Amazons  side as Intruders will need to maintain composure as they come up against a determined Vicis  side, who want to gain a spot in the top four.

Meanwhile, the A2 competition will see a play off between Saints and Hobitz with Hobitz having a 2-1 winning edge.

Zodiacs and Intruders will also meet up again in what will be a tough game for the ladies in blue.

 Matches within the B1 Grade will see Hobitz Red and Amazons play off.

Zodiacs are playing some great matches now, allowing them to have the upper hand against Intruders.

Hobitz Blue currently sit undefeated, with Intruders Black sitting in third position looking at a tough game this week.

Teams in B2 this week will see a great game in the match-up between Hobitz and Saints with Vicis and Intruders having a battle to see if Intruders can gain their first win for the season.

The Under 17s will again give spectators some great viewing with the games being relatively  even this week.

Players have shown their resilience and determination at maintaining possession of the ball, alongside strong shooting.

 Meanwhile, the Under 15s competition will see a great game between Zodiacs Blue and Intruders, with both at the top of the ladder and  close games previously played.

Hobitz and Vicis will play off for the lower part of the ladder with Saints and Zodiacs Gold matching up in a tough defensive game.

The Under 13As has seen some strong team-work throughout the season with each side  showing huge potential.

Vicis and Zodiacs will match up with Vicis looking to score their first  win.

Hobitz and Saints will show their determination for the win will see them apply some close  defensive work and strong court movements.

In the U13Bs, players have all worked hard this season with their commitment showing each week.

Shooting has improved along with the ball work and defending skills.

Zodiacs Blue will have a challenging game up against Hobitz Blue.

Intruders are committed to remaining undefeated, giving Amazons a challenge whilst Vicis  and Hobitz Red will have a close game.

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